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The Challenge with New Website Projects

Most folks we deal with know their business, and they understand their responsibilities to keep that business running logistically. However, even though they may have a crackerjack social media profile; a pretty good simple verbal presentation; some cards; a flyer or mailer; and maybe an outdated brochure — many are ill equipped to provide a diligent web designer and developer with pertinent and critical materials that are prerequisite to an effective, functional, and powerful presentation.

It’s true! The BIGGEST problem we seem to have with performing our superb form of customization is gathering the needed materials from our clients. Here are some common examples of what’s needed:

  • Clear, professionally articulated and edited information. From the “About” page to the various offerings, services and business model details — The CLIENT is responsible for providing this information. We cannot “make it up” for you. If you put us in that position, it will be expensive to say the least.
  • High resolution, quality photography. Clean, professional videos. Hi resolution logo and impact graphics. Any of this you are not able to provide will need to be done.
  • A comprehensive list of all social media channels, review sites, important links, etc. Any of this you are not able to provide will need to be done.
  • Detailed outline — if any — of offers, specials, discounts, freebies, etc.
  • Detailed text files with all pertinent content as to the items above.

So, as one can clearly see, it’s easy to “start” a website, but a very precise and elaborate engineering project to bring it all to life. Throughout the build process of your website, you’ll need to provide your web designer with information and content. Below are our top tips and instructions:

  • When working closely with AME to design and build your brand new website, you will be shown design concepts or ‘visuals’ to review at various stages throughout the design process. Sometimes, depending on the complexity of the website these ‘visuals’ will be flat static images of how your new website may look once built. However the majority of the time the visuals are actually presented as working prototypes that can be viewed in a browser and navigated live as if it was a real working website. The visuals are presented to you it will be your responsibility to feedback, give good constructive criticism and when required provide your web designer with content.
  • Always provide your website text/copy in a single computer file format, a simple Word, Rich Text, Txt, Apple Pages or standard word processor file is best. Provide the text in a logical order as per the page structure of your website starting with the homepage text.
  • When you are providing the text to replace the ‘placeholder text’ (Lorem Ipsum) it should have a similar word count to the dummy text you are replacing. This helps to maintain an even layout of the content keeping everything nice and consistent across mobile and tablet devices.
  • Make sure you clearly label which page and where on that page each snippet of text should go, for example, ‘About Us page, under the main header image’.
  • Don’t forget to include any hyperlinks which you would like to be included.
  • Always provide images as separate files and not within text documents. If the file sizes of the images are too large to send over email or to provide on a USB stick you can use simple file transfer sites.
  • Images must be supplied in the highest resolution possible. Ideally as big as 2560px x 1440px or larger and each should be the same orientation (e.g. landscape or portrait) as the placeholder image it is replacing.
  • Images must be provided in jpeg format unless some elements of the image need to be transparent, in which case a png format is best.
  • Images should be clearly named and referred to by file name in the same document as the text, for example ‘use image my-image-file-name.jpeg to replace the image of the house.’

We know how daunting website content creation can be, especially if your new website is a big one and you don’t have anything to refer to or an old website to work from. However, never fear, we are here to help!

We have content writers on hand who can assist in producing the content you require, be it from scratch or to simply proof and refine. Copywritten by a professional content writer not only fits your website perfectly but it also reads well and is optimised for search engines by skilfully and seamlessly incorporating keywords and phrases into the content. These techniques make it easier for your potential customers to find your website. Just be aware that this is an added service to your project.

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